Technology has transformed the way we work. Getting the most out of technology and making it work for you and your business can be a real challenge though – but the benefits can be huge. 

Finding the right solution for your specific problem can also be a real headache – and that’s before you’ve even started to think about implementing the solution, and how to integrate it within your existing IT set-up.  

In small-to-medium sized businesses, IT and information management is often not a priority with little or no dedicated resource.  So how do you recognise you have a problem in the first place when you’re not an expert? Do you recognise any of these common issues?

  • Your employees struggle accessing your network or data when working remotely, either from home or in the field;
  • Your IT projects are often hampered by a lack of suitably skilled resource or support which results in slow delivery and implementation;
  • You regularly use email to share documents with multiple colleagues and collate the feedback and comments received manually;
  • Contact data is held in a spreadsheet and managed by several people, resulting in duplication of effort and manual input of data;
  • Website contact forms or email responses are processed manually, rather than automated, running the risk of human error;
  • Your employees could be working more efficiently by making better use of your existing systems to share information, but you don’t know how to.

This is just a snapshot of the everyday problems we’re solving for our clients – if you can relate to any of these then OpusFlow could help your business.

We enable smarter working by using the latest IT and information management solutions that are right for your business.  We apply a common-sense approach ensuring that you and your colleagues can work better together, increasing productivity while making life that little bit easier.

We have helped both public and private sector organisations leverage Web technologies enabling them to apply collaborative approaches to their workflows thus improving efficiency and saving money.