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Specification, Selection and Delivery

"Opusflow have detailed experience in information and IT procurement and implementation, creating robust specifications and outlining realistic timescales for delivery "

If you are procuring new information or IT services such as commissioning a new website or moving to a cloud based email service you may have experienced one or more of the following.


- Struggling to understand if you are actually getting what you want out of your procurement process

- Experiencing misunderstanding between your needs and what the vendor has delivered.

- Paying more than you expected for a simple product or service.

- Suppliers failing to meet key deadlines for delivery.


During our work with public and 3rd sector organisations time and again we have seen examples of of supplier delivery not meeting the customers expectations. Most often this has been through a lack of sufficient detail in the specification, will assumptions being used to fill in the gaps.


Opusflow can support you through your information procurement process to ensure you get the product you need, we can hep you with:


- Developing your business case for procurement - clarify the need

- Outlining a specification that delivers - remove the assumptions

- Deliver a quality procurement process  - ensure value for money.


We can even support you in the implementation process, providing project management services, employing a variety of techniques to ensure your product is delivered on time and to budget.


If you would like to know more about how Opusflow could help with your procurement, use the contact form to drop us a line.

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