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Independent CIO Services

Do you feel you need to take advantage of the changes happening in the information and IT sectors? Having a full time IT director or Chief Information Officer would help, but sometimes its too much hassle, or just too expensive. 


We can help with our independent CIO/Director services, working with you to create a strategy for your company’s development or act on your behalf in discussions and negotiations with suppliers. We can even attend meetings on your behalf and act in your interest the same way a full time director would. 


  • Vast experience of an IT specialist who works full time in the field

  • Supplier independent viewpoint who can advise without bias

  • Significantly lower costs that an full time employee

  • Understanding of Information Security and its implications

  • Confidence that you are receiving the right advice for your organisation


You may think your organisation is too small to need an IT strategy, but without one it’s all too easy to let decision making slide, and you can end up making expensive choices as you run out of time. 

Things to consider
  • How much are you spending on IT is it enough, not enough? 

  • What do you about backing up your critical information?

  • How do you maintain your information to keep your staff informed?

  • Are you making the most of the IT products you have already bought? 

  • Are you getting the best deals on IT commissions? 


To ensure you maintain a lead, and are offering the best service to your customers and staff, you need to think about keeping up with change. Opusflow’s independent CIO/Director services can help you to do that. We aim to keep you lean and make the most from your IT. 


If you would like to know more, contact us for more information. 

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