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HSCN (previously N3) Remote Access

Our HSCN remote access service allows organisations who, are not direct NHS entities, but are providing clinical services via NHS commissioned contractual arrangements, to securely access HSCN network services and systems from anywhere and any device via a secure encrypted tunnel.

Therefore organisations that do not have direct access to the HSCN network can access services and systems such as the NHS Spine Portal, NHS Care Records Service, e-Referral Service (e-RS) and clinical systems such as EMIS Web, SystmOne and Docman, etc.  

Organisations must have completed  a DSP Toolkit to be eligible for an HSCN Token


How we provide secure HSCN access

We use Redcentric tokens, a HSCN Commercial Aggregator, to offer secure access to the HSCN network via a public, freely available network connection (the Internet) so access can be delivered securely from any location.

To ensure the connection to the HSCN network is guarded, a piece of software on your device (desktop, laptop, tablet) creates a secure tunnel to the Redcentrics HSCN remote access platform. All data that is passed through this resilient gateway is encrypted, protecting information in transit to HSCN resources.

As a vital component in safeguarding patient information, an extra layer of security is added by using highly-secure two factor authentication (2FA). This ensures that only authorised users can connect and use their secure tunnel. The two factor authentication involves a secure, time-sensitive password that is randomly-generated, ensuring that an HSCN  connection is only granted to legitimate users.

Two Factor Authentication for remote HSCN connections

Our HSCN remote access service is secured by two factor authentication:

  • Your log in and password details

  • Randomly-generated, time sensitive password ('One Time Password' or OTP) that is presented on a separate device

Redcentric’s HSCN Accreditations:

  • Redcentric is an accredited N3 ISP (Network Access Agreement 0740)

  • Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC)

  • Compliant Commercial Third Party - NACS Code YGMAP

  • Code of Connection approved - accepted 3rd party HSCN hosting provider onto the HSCN network by HSCIC

  • Independent aggregator of IGSoC Version 14 - score of 100%

  • Accredited to store patient data

  • ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified

  • One of only 2 approved HSCN commercial aggregators

Opusflow Service

Our HSCN remote access service includes:

  • Token provision

  • VPN Software (for device)

  • User Account creation & management

  • Token support


£180.00 per token per year (ex VAT)

See set up and configuration page

We are also about to provide HSCN enabled devices including;

  • Desktop, Laptop or Tablet (Encrypted)

  • Token Provision

  • VPN Software

  • MS Office

  • Anti/Virus and Malware

  • Support

So watch this space!  Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further or email 

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