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Technology in Social Care

Opusflow can assist Social Care organisations implement technology systems that will ensure they are IG Compliant as well as enabling visiting healthcare professionals to deliver safer and better healthcare to their patients.  This could include;

  • IG Toolkit

  • NHS Mail

  • HSCN Connectivity

  • Hardware - Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Printers

  • Access to NHS Spine (SCR, eRS) and Clinical Systems (Emis Web)

  • Video Consultation services

IG Toolkit

Small organisations which have not previously published a full DSPT assessment are able to publish an ‘Entry Level’ assessment indicating that, while the DSPT Standard is not being met, critical Data Security Measures have been implemented. 

The following organisation types are eligible to publish an entry level assessment: 

  • Care Home

  • Charity / Hospice

  • Dentist (NHS)

  • Dentist (Private)

  • Domiciliary Care Organisation

  • NHS Business Partner

  • Optician

  • Pharmacy


For providers, completing and publishing an ‘Entry Level’ toolkit assessment also supports access to NHSmail, a centrally funded email service that is free for social care providers to use. It enables fast and secure information sharing with other health and care professionals. Further information for social care providers is available here and an Entry level Step by step guide is available .

NHS Mail


Care Homes are now able to request and access email accounts, a centrally funded email service that is free for social care providers to use.


The benefits of this include facilitating secure communication between Care Homes, GP surgeries and other services involved in residents care, and the transfer of patient identifiable information between care homes and health related services. Requesting accounts will also safeguard care homes against GP surgeries or other organisations decommissioning their fax machines from April 2020.



Health and social care organisations need to share information and services electronically in order to provide coherent, joined up services to the public.

HSCN enables all organisations involved in the provision of health and care services to share information with one another and to access national and local health applications and systems reliably and efficiently.

HSCN is also designed to enable NHS and non-NHS social care organisations to collaborate with one another more easily on the procurement and operation of shared, place-based, data networks.

Opusflow can provide access to HSCN via their token service.


Video Consultations

IT Equipment (desktops, laptops, printers)

Clinical System

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