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Going Phishing

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Earlier this week I posted an item on a new variant of the old windows helpdesk phishing scam. It's a classic way of working with people's paranoia and engineering their responses to get what the scammers want.

It's worth making sure to always be in your guard so with that in mind here's a few links to helpful information on the same area.

Here Digital Guardian pulls together information from a variety of experts with their top tips on avoiding similar scams.

Something simpler and more easily digestible here from Norton. A nice simple set of rule to pass around to family and friends that might badger you for IT support from time to time.

URL Padding is becoming an increasing problem, which is taking advantage of the way we live our lives through mobile devices. provide some helpful background information and advice.

Finally back to spotting dodgy email structures and attempts to capture banking and other details through convincing emails. advises

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